Function isType

  • Takes a type string and checks if given input is of that typeof. This "patches" typeof so null is not "object" but "null" instead (rejected proposal for lack of backwards compatibility, more details here).


    const isString = isType("string");

    isString("value"); // true
    isString(1); // false


    Curried function with type in context that returns true if input is of typeof type, false otherwise.

    Type Parameters

    • Type extends keyof TypeOfMap


    • type: Type

    Returns (<Actual>(input: Actual | TypeOfMap[Type]) => input is TypeOfMap[Type])

      • <Actual>(input: Actual | TypeOfMap[Type]): input is TypeOfMap[Type]
      • Type Parameters

        • Actual


        • input: Actual | TypeOfMap[Type]

        Returns input is TypeOfMap[Type]